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CocoaMSX (macOS)

openMSX (Windows, macOS, Android)

Entornos de desarrollo - librerías

Fusion-C 1.2

Fusion-C 1.2 is a free C library with which you can program software and games for MSX computers under MSX-DOS with C language. You must use Fusion-C with SDCC 3.6.0 compiler (other versions have not been tested, but should work with more or less changes in the FUSION-C compilation script) Library is providing functions to work with every aspects of MSX computers (MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+, MSX TURBO-C) easily. The package is ready to use to make games and others tools.

Ubox MSX lib

A set of libraries and tools to make MSX games using the C programming language.


Disk-Manager v0.15 (Windows)

Manages disk-images for PCs and MSX-emulations.

MSX-BASIC ROM creator (Windows)

This time is a PC MSX related tool, useful when you have a MSX-BASIC listing and you want to convert it to a fully compatible 16KB ROM cartridge file. The tool even supports the generation of ROM files with binary data (assembler routines used by the BASIC) merged.

Ejemplos de código


Port of Abbaye Des Morts to MSX